Mauricio Palos

(b. MEX, 1981) is an independent documentary photographer and videographer working mainly on personal projects in North and Central America. His work explores a variety of issues that are strongly related to the effects of violence on migration and exiles in the region due to political crisis, gang violence, narcotraffic, and local conflicts. His first book My Perro Rano, Central America Chronicles was published in 2010 by Editorial RM and was selected among the best photobooks of 2011 by the British Journal of Photography. He is now working on his second book Le Ley del Monte, an exploration of Mexico, based on an idea from the Mexican revolution that theorise that the laws of the land will always belong to the more powerful.

He is co-founder along with Sr. Click of Encuentro Fotografico Mexico, a annual independent photography festival, held in Cholula, Mexico, that aims for solidarity, professionalization, worthy spaces, but most importantly to create opportunities for exchange of ideas, in search of a democratic exercise in the world of photography.

Photographer Websites:

Der Spiegel, Volkskrant, Lufthansa Magazine, City Wire London, Glamour, Colors Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Courier International, Vice, Expansion Mexico, Gatopardo, Article 19, Fusion, Getty Images, Ternium.

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Miradas, BDC. Bronx NY 2014Miradas, BDC. Bronx NY 2014